How to spend a lively weekend, so you would have something to remember? In the countryside. In the swamp! And of course driving TERRANICA Dreamtrack! The outfit is gathered, a mood to have an adventure has come, and the vehicle is already easily overcoming the quagmire. The dealers and partners, who have come from other regions are nodding and attempt to get behind the wheel as soon as possible.

After a short brief and a few minutes to get the feel of steering, we can see the result – a person who is sitting in the vehicle just for a few tens of minutes, is masterfully crossing the local landscape. Getting excited from the ease of adaptive steering. The cross-country capability of the vehicle is also impressive – even at 400 mm. tracks the vehicle is in an element. No excitement, only a steady course towards the outlined goals.

By the end of the day a pleasant weariness reminded us these bright and interesting moments. And for those, who could not attend, we present the video. This video starts a series of video about the operation of TERRANICA Dreamtrack in the actual environment.