The TERRANICA company have stopped the production of 400-mm tracks for the models Dreamtrack and Dreamtrack L. TERRANICA made such a decision because of a significant increase in demand for all-terrain vehicle with a track of larger width – 500 or 600 mm.

However, this will not affect the customers, who purchased all-terrain vehicle with a narrow track – a 400-mm track will be available for order from dealers at any time.

500 and 600 millimeters tracks are the new generation one. The track guides were upgraded – now, as same as all the suspension components, the also made of heavy-duty polymer (UHMW-PE), this allows to reduce vehicle weight, gives additional flotation ability and reduces to zero the cases of track throwing. The rate of track breaking was also increased – now this measure was adjusted to 8 tons. In total this provides even greater cross-country capability and reliability of the all-terrain vehicle.

The construction of a fender bar was also improved. The vehicle became wider and got more impressive appearance. The wider fender bar platform made entry and leaving the ATV very comfortable and functional, and made the movement around the ATV on a platform safer.